Service provider in the spotlight: Medvalue


Service provider in the spotlight: Medvalue

Medtech needs MedValue

A medical innovation is more than a smart solution to a health problem. Innovation is more than product development. How can you provide scientific evidence for the added value of a medical innovation? How do you create a powerful value proposition, taking into account cost-effectiveness? How can you ensure that medical specialists actively contribute ideas towards the product? How do you maximise the impact of a medical innovation? In short: how do you put the MedValue into the spotlight?

Medtech needs science

MedValue is a Radboudumc spin-off. Due to our academic roots, we have profound medical knowledge at our fingertips, with a powerful clinical and academic network. Furthermore, our scientific advisory group in the Health Technology Assessment (HTA) field provides us with support and consultation. Nonetheless, we are more than simply researchers because we have innovation in our blood. Using our analyses, recommendations and tools, we make the potential added value of innovations concrete, strengthening our customers’ message and hence increasing its impact.

Medvalue provided services to several international SMEs through Boost4Health. Are you curious about what we could do for you? Take a look at our approach or contact us directly.