Biocat awards first Boost4Health internationalisation vouchers


Biocat awards first Boost4Health internationalisation vouchers

Biocat has given out the first internationalisation vouchers under the Boost4Health project. Goo Medical was awarded a product validation voucher (€5,000) and ZeClinics got a market research voucher (€3,000).

Goo Medical is working on an app for tablets to be used instead of paper to optimize various processes involved in surgery and improve patient safety with checklists, from initial preparations through recovery. “With the Boost4Health voucher, we want to visit the Medway NHS Foundation Trust and sign a collaboration agreement to allow them to use our tool, validate it and adapt it to their needs and to the English market,” explains Goo Medical CEO Eric Garcia.

ZeClinics will use its voucher to expand into the German biopharmaceutical market with a multi-level market study. “The aim is to explore leading bioregions and the main academic and business stakeholders in several therapeutic areas in line with ZeClinics’ large portfolio,” highlights Albert Pineda, the firm’s head of Business Development

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