Accelerating market entry of a monitoring device for pre-term babies in Germany


Accelerating market entry of a monitoring device for pre-term babies in Germany

The Dutch SME Bambi Medical BV develops a wireless monitoring device for the measurement of vital signs of pre-term babies. The device, the Bambi Belt, is a soft fabric, skin-friendly, and wireless monitoring device. It accomplishes the same functions as wired adhesive electrode systems currently implemented in neonatal care units. The belt supports reduction of pain and stress of babies while its wireless features allow parents to take their baby out of the incubator and perform Kangaroo MotherCare.

Bambi Medical is preparing to enter the German market. The company was granted a Boost4Health voucher to gain market insight to support effective market entry.

With the Boost4Health voucher Bambi Medical liaised with AW Biotech Marketing based in Stuttgart. AW Biotech Marketing provided Bambi Medical BV with a practical overview of German Neonatology hospitals and background information on the German Hospital healthcare system. Also, relevant information about protocols practiced within the neonatology wards, procurement procedures as well as background on hygiene requirement relevant for the Bambi Belt were provided.

The provided market insight will be of great added value in planning market entry activities for the Bambi Belt in line with the German market requirements. For example, the company will benefit from the provided information in the selection of, and discussions with, distribution partners and hospitals. Thus by providing Bambi Medical with market insight, Boost4Health has been able to contribute to an effective market entry for the Bambi Belt device in Germany.