Set your course

Boost4Health can offer you tailored coaching to help meet immediate business needs and to develop ambitions for the future. Our expert coaches can help you define potential strategies, work them through and prioritise your actions. Working with a coach means having a regular contact to assist your company. As your strategy develops you will get the support needed to ensure that you can progress. In the end you will benefit from the tools and techniques your coach will provide, both in the short term and in the future.

Challenges of internationalisation

Taking a step into an unknown international market presents a number of challenges you will have to overcome. Some will be more challenging than others depending on your own expertise. No challenge should hold your business back. Boost4Health can offer support, for instance if you need help with:

  • Business model development
  • Presenting to investors (pitch training)
  • Collaboration across borders
  • Country specific rules and regulations
  • Market and marketing
  • Export
  • Product validation in another country

If you experience other barriers or have any questions about Boost4Health coaching, don’t hesitate to contact your local partner.

What can you expect

Each coaching relationship will depend on the issues and challenges that have been identified and agreed between you and your Boost4Health partner. Each coaching relationship is unique and designed to suit your business needs. Coaching can mean individual coaching or coaching workshops focusing on a common topic. However a coaching relationship will typically last for several months through a series of agreed meetings. During that time you are able to put the support from the coach into practice.

Would you like to learn more about Boost4Health coaching? Get in touch with the partner in your region or express your interest with one simple form and we will contact you.