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Affilogic is a privately-owned biotech company specialized in discovery and development of a novel class of protein therapeutics called Nanofitins. They are potent antibody-mimetics, exhibiting high affinity and specificity for capture and targeting of biomolecules. Nanofitins also demonstrate many small molecule-like attributes such as a very small size (7 kDa, around 20 times smaller than a monoclonal antibody), an extreme robustness and a better tissue penetration. Deriving from a naturally hyperstable scaffold, Nanofitins are resistant to temperature and pH, stable to proteases, spontaneously refolding… Being under a single protein format, Nanofitins are produced by simple, scaleable, GMP- compliant bacterial fermentation at very attractive costs or by chemical synthesis.
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Biotechnology Company - Therapeutics, Biotechnology R&D Company - Diagnostics / Devices and Diagnostics Services
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Biotechnology sector
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Affilogic has designed Nanofitins against 60+ targets to date, including a wide range of circulating antigens (peptides, proteins), membrane receptors for inhibition / modulation (GPCR, ion channels) and complex entities (Virus-like Particles, bacteria, whole cells). Nanofitin-based drugs aim at overcoming antibodies limitations and outperforming current targeted therapies by allowing local delivery formulations, single-gene multi-specific molecules and Nanofitin-Drug-Conjugates.
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Region of Pays de la Loire, FR
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Olivier KITTEN
Founder & CEO
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21 rue La Noue Bras de Fer
44200 Nantes
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Atlanpole Biotherapies
Phone number
+33 2 40 25 13 13
95 route de Gachet
44300 Nantes
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