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Amarok Biotechnologies

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Technological/Validation solutions
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General description
Amarok Biotechnologies is a Contract Research Organization. Our Biological test lab manage analytical and clinical performance evaluation of diagnosis tests and system validations under CLSI protocols or according to your own protocols. We have Flow cytometry (up to 10 colors), molecular biology, microbiology labs and acces to biomedical samples and analyses.
Type of supplier
Biotechnology R&D Company - Diagnostics / Devices and Diagnostics Services, Biotechnology R&D Company - Food & AG, Lab Equipment Supplies Provider, Lab/scientific services platform, Service Provider - CMO / CRO
Sector of activity:
Bacteriology, Biomarkers / Biomarker Discovery, Biotechnology sector, Companion Diagnostics, Diagnostics / Devices and Services, Food Technology and Processing, Hematology, Immunology, In vitro Diagnostics, Lab Equipment and Supplies, Microbiology, Regulatory Requirements
Activity description
Services provided
We offer consulting and expertise in human physiology, molecular and cellular biology, cytometry, technologies, norms and quality.| We provide Research & Development project management (from state of the art to partners consortium building and management).| We also provide laboratory services (process and systems validation, developpement, technical platform renting, laboratory tests).| Finally, we also offer training courses.
Terms of availability for SMEs
Quality labels and accreditations
ISO 9001:2015 ; ISO 17025 in progress
Region of Bretagne, FR
Contact information
Genty Vincent
Phone number
+33 (0) 299 810 809
3 Impasse du Grand Jardin
35400 Saint Malo
Partner contact information
Company name
Phone number
+33 6 38 95 85 26 or + 33 2 23 23 33 42
Avenue du Pr Léon Bernard
35000 Rennes
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